You are not alone. 

Many business owners and their employees feel overwhelmed by the things that need done, and by the things that never seem to get done. 

"Why is this happening?" "How can I make this better?" "Where do I start?" It starts by reaching out to us - just as these owners did. 

Wherever you want to go, we can help you get there. 

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  • The Buyosphere creates extreme accountability, beyond anyone else I’ve used. They have a specifically laid out program where they hold the person accountable for everything they teach them. That is what I truly love about The Buyosphere Program.

    Chris Shamis - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Dakota Ridge Automotive

  • In all of the training I've done Buyosphere training has the best pathway with the accountability model for success, out of anybody. The way you guys do it is bar none the best I've seen, ever.

    Travis Troy - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Honest Wrenches

  • Of all the Service Advisor coaching and training we had, The Buyosphere is the most personalized and customized.

    Ron Haugen - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Westside Auto Pros

  • Buyosphere training really helped me turn things around. I love your great insights and ideas!

    Andrew Meinzer Owner, Meinzer Law Firm

  • The Buyosphere has an almost 'x-ray vision' in understanding and teaching how to improve the experience each customer has with us.

    John Ludwig Owner, Precision Automotive Service

  • After experiencing training from The Buyosphere, I have seen Jonnie and Co. build trust and relationships with my Service Advisors that created an atmosphere in our front office of 'teamwork and happiness' like we had never experienced in the past 10 years!

    Garry Plimmer - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Garry's Automotive

  • Our marketing company does a good job of getting the phone to ring. The Buyosphere does a great job of teaching us what to do once the customer is there. 

    Steve Clausen Owner, Clausen Automotive

  • By far, one of the more refreshing clinics I’ve ever attended! Jonnie’s simple philosophy on how to enhance the customer service experience will make an immediate impact on any type of business. He will inspire you to run your business and conduct your life in a way that sets you and your company apart from the rest.

    Kurt Barton - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Factory Motor Parts

  • Lorri has done multiple on-site workshops and seminars that were highly inclusive and the training was inspirational and energizing. Time management was good and the team building activities really brought our staff together.

    Brent Kniesel - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Kniesel's Auto Service Center

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  • Jonnie has a brilliant marketing mind. He came to us with a unique strategy for rebranding our dealership. We implemented the strategy and have been extremely happy with the results.

    Bruce Shimkat - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Shimkat Motors

  • Working with the Buyosphere Team was one of the best investments we made for our business.

    Carl Hutchinson - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Complete Automotive

  • The Buyosphere Program is a multi-faceted program designed to raise the monthly average repair order, and that's exactly what it has done. Simply put, The Buyosphere works!

    Joe Allardt Owner, Multiple Shop Owner in Florida and Ohio

  • I would highly recommend The Buyosphere training for those engaging with customer service. Their tools and training are second to none.

    Randy Pickering - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Pickering Automotive

  • The Buyosphere team did a great job in creating scripts, listening to our calls, and coaching our team. I would highly recommend them!

    Chris Garman - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Wilhelm Automotive

  • Lorri's approach to training for our employees is professional yet creates a personal connection with the individual. This along with follow through creates results. I would strongly recommend Lorri to all seeking to provide top level customer service.

    Ron Haugen Owner, Westside Auto Pros

  • We retained The Buyosphere to train all of our 38 Midas store managers at our annual manager's convention in Kansas City. Sales, profits and the customer service experience at our stores began to improve immediately! If you want to really make your place of business the ‘go to’ destination in your community based on referrals and word-of-mouth, then sign on with Jonnie Wright and The Buyosphere.

    Russ Gibson - Buyosphere Graduate Owner, Midas Auto Systems Experts