Customer Service and Sales training:

  • One-on-one individualized coaching held weekly over the phone, and in person as often as agreed upon, with each employee who works directly with customers
  • Incoming and outgoing phone call collection, analysis, and coaching
  • Access to additional Buyosphere Members only training content

Leadership Coaching:

  • One-on-one individualized coaching held weekly over the phone including training around topics such as accountability, conflict resolution, working with diverse personalities, real communication, team cohesion, employee engagement, company culture, and much more!
  • Guidance on developing and carrying out motivation and reward programs and corrective action plans
  • SMART goal development and accountability tracking
  • Ongoing access to an accountability partner
  • Guidance on writing and implementing a vision, mission, and set of guiding principles
  • Guidance on writing job descriptions, Standard Operating Procedures, and other documents used to communicate expectations

Marketing Services:

  • The development of specifically targeted marketing campaigns and implementation across social and traditional media platforms
  • Creating "Identity" marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Writing TV/radio scripts and providing guidance on print layout/design
  • Monitoring for negative reviews and online reputation, including writing responses to reviews

Recruitment Services:

  • Writing, posting and monitoring recruitment ads
  • Completing first round interviews and evaluation of candidates
  • Professional reference checks and evaluation of candidate's online reputation
  • Secret shopping competitors and targeting potential super stars to recruit

On Site Visits:

  • Detailed infrastructure evaluation
  • One-on-One individualized training sessions
  • All-Staff workshops
  • Secret shop competitors in person and on the phone
  • Evaluation of business practices not accessible via phone coaching

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