How to create the customer WOW! factor on the phone! 

Dramatically increase shop call conversion rates, positive reviews, customer loyalty and retention, for higher shop sales and profits.

Why Should I Take this Course?
Your shop spends $125-$150 to get the phone to ring once, making it your biggest investment, and greatest opportunity. The importance of how you are on-boarding your customers cannot be over-emphasized. EVERY aspect of your shop is designed to make the phone ring. Making Every Call Count provides proven and powerful tools to help your team maximize every incoming customer call. By helping your team create a consistently exceptional approach on the phone, you will see a dramatic increase in your shop’s call conversion rate. You will get more customers into your shop. And because you on-boarded them at a higher level, they will be much more likely to spend money with you, thus also increases sales and profits. This elevated approach will also drive more positive customer reviews, and referrals, which will also increase your customer count. Creating the customer WOW! factor drives a more profits NOW result.

"Lorri is a fantastic instructor! She is on a mission to help auto repair shops make more money!”

Jay Volesky, BG Automotive

"Lorri has done multiple on-site workshops and seminars that were highly inclusive, and the training was inspirational and energizing." 

– Brent Kniesel, Owner, Kniesel’s Auto Service Centers

"We have seen a significant increase in ARO and sales at our shops. Our people are much better at answering the phone and better at selling the work." 

– Rich Fearing, Owner, Village/Euro Autoworks

What Can I Look Forward to Once I Enroll?

  • Affordable access to The Buyosphere Program, a program that has achieved a proven record of success in helping auto repair shops improve metrics that matter
  • Improved call conversion rates, increased customer loyalty and retention, more positive reviews, and higher shop sales
  • Access to a private Facebook group where I can ask questions, gain support, and interact with the instructor and with others taking the course
  • Attending two Q & A live webinars designed to support implementation of the course content
  • Easily accessible instruction via my computer, with 24/7 access
  • Minimal weekly time commitment (no more than 60 minutes per week) and enough instruction to make an impact (7 weeks)
  • Dynamic, interactive, and useful content and instruction
  • An instructor who is a certified teacher who has been training in the auto repair industry for 10 years

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Investment: $595 per student* (volume discounts available-see below)
  • Course registration closes at 11:59 PM Central Time on March 28, 2020
  • Course begins on March 30, 2020 and runs for seven weeks
  • Course sessions will be sent to each participant via email every Monday, March 30 through May 11, 2020, and will be in the form of a series of video lessons
  • Participants will have seven days to complete each session sent before receiving the next one
  • Once each session is released, it can be viewed anytime, 24/7, and will be accessible for 12 months
  • Live webinars will be held April 14 and May 5 at 12:00 PM Central Time (Webinars will be recorded and sent to all participants)

*Registration and payment is required for every employee/student participating in the course

What is Required?

  • A reliable computer, internet connection, and speakers in a quiet space away from the front counter
  • A reliable private email address (Cannot be a general company email address)
  • Adequate coverage each week so you can be fully present to participate OR time and a quiet place to view the sessions outside of work hours
  • A 3-ring binder and a notebook dedicated to this course
  • 60 minutes weekly to be present for viewing and interacting with the content
  • A willingness to listen, learn, contribute, and make a difference

Strongly suggested but not required: A Facebook account to access the private course page

What are the General Topics and Session Dates?

(Dates reflect the day each session will arrive in my inbox)

1. Customer Expectations and the Barriers to Meeting Them (March 30, 2020)

2. Understanding Customer Wants and Needs as a Strategy for Driving Business (April 6, 2020

3. Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Meeting Customer Wants and Needs (April 13, 2020)

LIVE WEBINAR: Customer’s Hierarchy of Needs and Live Q & A (April 14, 2020 at 12:00 PM CST)

4. Word Tracks and Strategies to Convert the Call: Part 1 (April 20, 2020)

5. Word Tracks and Strategies to Convert the Call: Part 2 (April 27, 2020)

6. Advanced Word Tracks and Strategies (May 4, 2020)

LIVE WEBINAR: Scoring calls and Live Q & A (May 5, 2020 at 12:00 CST)

7. Putting it all Together for Successful Implementation and Accountability (May 11, 2020)

What are the Volume Discount Prices?

Number of Courses Purchased











Corporate rate available upon request

*Registration and payment is required for every employee/student participating in the course

*Sales tax not included

Any discount codes may be applied at checkout.

Making Every Call Count

Price Per Student: