Use the 4 C's for Fixing the Broken Customer

Using the 4 C's of car care - Concern, Cause, Correction and Confirm - help you fix the broken car. 

Using the 4 C's of customer care - Communicate, Control, Collaborate and Convince - help you fix the broken customer. 

Both need attended to - the customer most of all. 


It starts when you answer the customer's call. Communicating at the highest level means a happy and engaging tone, steady pace, enunciate and articulate, letting go of everything around you and being a great active listener. The first 10 seconds of the conversation will dictate the outcome of the entire customer/shop relationship. 


Getting control of of the conversation - scheduling, problem solving, confirming - helps assure the customer that you are the (W)right person and the (W)right shop for the job.  


Keeping the customer in the loop, living up to callback commitments, asking questions and caring about the customer's answers help elevate the customer's experience from punitive - punishment - to collaborative; we are working together with you. 


If you have performed the first 3 C's at the highest level, then getting the customer to do what you want them to do - invest in their vehicle - becomes easier. IF they like YOU, they will like what you are doing. If they trust YOU, they are more likely to trust what you are saying. Presenting the work that needs done is a systematic way, making an air-tight case for the needed corrections and asking for the customer's feedback throughout helps get a higher percentage of "Go ahead and do it" responses. 

Implement the 4 C's of customer care in your shop with as much enthusiasm and relentless execution as you use the 4 C's of car care, and you will dramatically increase your shop sales and profits. 

Leave us your feedback about how you have used these tools, and others, to improve your customer care. 

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