Hello (certifiable muy loco en la cabeza out-of-your-mind-to-be-out-shopping) shoppers...

...and welcome to the wide, wide WIDE world...

of Thanksgiving, day 3.

Before the tryptophan wears off, let your pleasantly sedated ears take in today's Unsecret Shopper Radio Show.

The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show for Saturday November 27, 2010 

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Today's show is a "Best of" (I'm out doing some secret shopping for next week's Thursday review) featuring encore interviews with Virginia Wiggins from Git N' Go, Geoff Greenwood from the Iowa Attorney General's Office and John Cullen from Executive Resources. You'll also hear a singing tribute to Thanksgiving (sung by others better suited to do so) and some analysis of this very busy shopping holiday, sprinkled in.

For all the things we are thankful for, let us remember to include the men and women who have to work this weekend, in the stores where we'll be shopping. Is there a more thankless job than retail, especially this time of year?

For those of you - in area restaurants and malls and grocery stores and convenience stores - who are working so dog-gone hard to take care of us...

Thanks ahead of time for joining me here on Monday - tryptophan-free. :)

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