Hello shoppers...

Into another happy weekend (is there an unhappy one?) we jump, skip, run and play, with the beauty of limitless blue sky, above, and what feels like infinite time, below, thankful for the reality of one and the illusion of the other.

There's also The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show, which qualifies as neither, but was still pretty fun.

The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show for Saturday August 7th, 2010

(Left click to listen, right click to download, don't click to not hear.)

In it, you'll find an overview of the controversial Secret Shopper review I did of Des Moines real estate agents - click anywhere on this sentence to read it, along with several reader comments about it, including from some of the principals involved in the review.  

To fill in the blanks presented in the aforementioned post (and there are plenty) I talked with Don Grove, Supervisor of Investigations for The Iowa Civil Rights Commission (click what I just wrote, before this parenthesis, to go to their website) and with Carey Jensen, President of The Iowa Association of Realtors (click the part after the last parenthesis but before this one, to go to their website).

Click this sentence if you just feel like clicking.

The Secret Shopper review of real estate agents has brought a lot of first-time readers/listeners into The Unsecret Shopper arena. (Realtors have lots and lots and lots of friends. And, did I say, lots?) The goal of all of this is hopefully obvious to you of the newbie clan, as well as to ya old timers: I can't do it, so I'm teaching it.

The other goal - with writing The Unsecret Shopper, hosting The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show, and training employees in The Five Pillars of Great Customer Service (smile, greet, engage, thank and follow-up) through my company, The Buyosphere - is, first and foremost, to shed light on ways we can serve happy, and shop happy. And from those parents, give birth to the smiling, laughing child inside all of us that simply is happy - which is how we all rolled, Once upon a time...

Enjoy your time, this fairytale weekend. And thanks for reading, listening, writing...

...and smiling. :)


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