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The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show for Saturday August 28th, 2010 

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Today's show includes a look back at Atomic Shopping Bomb 2010, aka my Secret Shopping trip to American TV and Appliance - the gory details of which you can read by clicking this sentence. 

You'll also hear a conversation with Claudia Neumann, Call Center Operations Manager for Mid-American Energy, a company that excels at providing great customer service. 

Think Facebook and Twitter are only for young punks? I take a look at the latest poll numbers released on Friday concerning the explosive use of social media by people over 50 - and how businesses can benefit. 

Plus, have you ever wondered how good the customer service is overseas? Sally Case, a longtime French teacher in the Ames School District, shares her shopping and living experiences in France. 

Meantime, may you experience something this weekend that's hopefully not at all foreign: lots of retail smiles from happy employees who are thrilled to help you...because you deserve it.  

Until Monday - bonjour.  


Jonnie Wright is a customer service evaluator and trainer, professional secret shopper, marketing strategist and host of The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show, Saturday mornings 8-9am, on 1350, KRNT.      


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