Tony Robbins, the great motivational speaker (that's not him trying to stand up), talks about three things we need to succeed.

First, be obsessed with being successful.

You have to eat it, breathe it, taste it, smell it, live it - whatever success means to you. It has to be in front of you and always. It is your answer to the "What do you want?" question.

Second, be relentless in your pursuit.

You have to chase it, non-stop, like a starving lion chasing a gazelle. You must be driven and compelled, regardless of the hurdles, the obstacles, the failures. It is your answer to the "How bad do you want it?" question.

Robbins uses a baby learning how to walk as a metaphor. We start life on our stomachs and our backs. We learn how to sit up. Then the next "step" is the actual step of standing up. As babies, we push ourselves up, pull ourselves up, exert all of our baby strength to stand. We fall over. We hit our head. We cry. Our parents soothe us. We do it again, and again, and again, falling, failing, trying again, over and over.

What if, after about a week of this, we threw up our baby arms in frustration and said, "This is too hard, I quit!" Yeah, that would end poorly, for all humanity. We would be Weebles, with no legs and rounded bottoms. The rest of the animal kingdom would have destroyed us a long time ago.

But that is not how babies think.

They simply stay with it until they stand up, and, eventually, take their first steps. They don't take "no" for an answer. They are instinctually relentless in their pursuit of standing and walking, which is why we are upright and ambulatory as a species. Walking is the 2nd greatest human miracle, next to our birth.

So don't quit. Don't give up. You will fail, understand that. Learn from it and get back up.

The relentless pursuit of what we want is your answer to the "How bad do you want it?" question.


We could have ended before we started.

Third, follow an exceptional process.

There is no "Baby Standing And Walking for Dummies" manual for infants. Babies teach themselves how to stand, and walk, through incessant and relentless trial and error.

Luckily, there are many processes created by others to help us with what we want to get in the adult world. That doesn't mean it will be easy. But there are road maps, a GPS, a yellow brick road to our Oz. That includes those we have created for our Buyosphere clients.

Need more tools to help you get around, or through your road blocks?

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