Here is a fact: two people in a relationship are never having the same relationship.

The living breathing proof of this is provided to me every day in the form of my relationship with my beautiful wife, Lorri.

Let's say we watch the movie Team America: World Police. I come out of that movie with tears in my eyes. "That is the best movie I've ever seen!" I exclaim. I look at my wife. She is looking at me like she just drank sour chunky milk. She says, "That is the dumbest movie I've ever seen." Same movie theater. Same popcorn. Same film. Yet seen in two completely different ways.

Why does it matter?

If you own a business, it matters. If you manage employees, it matters. If you engage customers, it matters. That fundamental disconnect - between how you perceive the moment and how your customers, co-workers and significant other sees the moment - creates tremendous opportunity for screwing things up.

Here is how to bridge that gap.

Now that you have the tools, how will you use them?

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