Hello shoppers...

Over 300 results are in, and it's time to give you some of the preliminary results from The Des Moines Customer Service Survey.

The first preliminary result is that 300 is closer to 5,000, our goal, but not all the way there, which would be 4,700 more.

Before you say, "You're a fool, Mr. Wright, a silly, stupid fool," let me assure you that you're right. But far less foolish endeavors, have yielded far more profound results.

And I'll come up with one by the time we hit 5,000.

Meantime, I hope you find these comments and percentages as interesting as I do. Then again I used to see how many Suzy-Q's I could stuff in my mouth at once - easily amused + common sense of goat = choking threat.

I'll give you select questions and answers - not all of 'em, because then your intellectual curiosity will be satiated and you won't want to actually take the Survey, which is the whole goal - feeling like you'll die without taking the Survey.

Which you can take and avoid impending doom by hovering your mouse cursor over the words, "I don't know why, but I really feel compelled to take this survey, to avoid impending doom" and applying gentle pressure to the gizmo clickety-dealio with your pointy finger thingamabob.

Just for the record, it's not like I'm earning free boxes of cereal with each Survey completed. I earn free cereal like the rest of you do - registering 154,629 times at www.stopenteringsooftenforfreecerealorwe'retakingwhat'sleftandgoinghome.com.

I want you to take this Survey because I believe it can ultimately do something very special - help all of us - shoppers, employees and owners - be happier shoppers, employees and owners.

Seems worth 1o minutes, doesn't it?

Now, to select Survey results...



1. Walking into any business in the Des Moines area - where goods and/or services are sold and where bills are paid, including government offices - you are generally greeted within...

37%: Generally I am not greeted after entering

30%: 10-20 seconds of entering

20%: 20-30 seconds of entering

10%: 10-20 seconds of entering



6. In general, after you've spent money on transactions at businesses in the Des Moines area, do employees thank you?

Yes: 82%

No: 17%



7. Overall, do you think the quality of customer service in the Des Moines area is...

Average: 50%

Good: 37%

Bad: 8%

Exceptional: 4%

Horrible: 0%



9. What's the most important thing Des Moines area business owners, managers and employees can do to improve their quality of customer service?

"Get rid of automated phone systems. If I KNEW what I wanted in the first place I wouldn't have had to call. Don't give me options, just get me to the person."

"Being empowered and accountable. If you have a problem, they should take charge and find the solution."

"Feeling appreciated and valued - NOT treated as if I am a bother or a bore. This might be their 1000th time greeting a customer - but it's the first time they've greeted me! (and might be the last)"

"Smile, be courteous, be helpful, but not hovering and NO CURSING."

"Like what they are doing and not pretend to just for the sake of the customer.

"Love life." (Isn't this an amazing answer?)



10. What's the last great customer service experience you had in the Des Moines area?

"I always get great service from Dan at Alternative Automotive."

"McDonald's at 63rd and Grand Avenue last night. We were greeted, we were told how great the salad is that we just ordered and we were thanked and told good evening as we left the store. Today at Krispy Kreme at 22nd Street in WDSM we ordered 6 dozen donuts for Administrative Professional Day and they were happy to oblige and asked me why I was purchasing so many donuts. They thanked me and apologized for the wait."

"Hy-Vee looking for particular wine."

"Younker's associate called Dillard's looking for a lip gloss I requested. That was awesome!"

"The most impressive customer service experience I've had in Des Moines left me feeling as if they had been anxiously waiting for ME.

When I walked into the store - I was immediately acknowledged and welcomed (with store name & enthusiasm) (Note this place was B-U-S-Y, middle of the day on a Sat) They took the time to see if I had been in the store before (I hadn't) and then familiarized me with their layout. Smiles were everywhere (people were actually happy to be working - imagine that!)

I made my purchases and was thanked for stopping in and provided a flier with their upcoming sales (which I NOTED in my Outlook) and I was on my way. Next time I visit - I will make sure to allow a lot more time - the people are very uplifting!"



Don't let these fun-loving Survey-takers have all the fun!

Click here to take The Des Moines Customer Service Survey and help us get to 5,000 responses, and help local business owners improve the quality of your customer service.

Have a great weekend! And don't forget - Shop Happy. Serve Happy. :)


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Jonnie Wright is a customer service evaluator and trainer, professional secret shopper, marketing strategist and host of "The Unsecret Shopper Radio Show," Saturday mornings 8-9am on 1350 KRNT. Email Jonnie at jonniewright@thebuyosphere.com.

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