BREAK THRU Seminar is a dynamic, full-immersion workshop that will challenge and inspire you to RE-IGNITE your passion for your career and RE-DISCOVER your purpose at work! 

The BREAK THRU SEMINAR will provide you with powerful tools to discover the roadblocks that prevent you from full career satisfaction, and teach you real-world strategies to overcome those roadblocks.


Join over 100 owners, managers and people from all walks of life who want to transform their workplace. 

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Join Jonnie and Lorri Wright, a lively and inspiring husband and wife team who have grown their relationship - and their business - by breaking thru their own personal and professional roadblocks.

During the BREAK THRU SEMINAR you will learn:

  • How to ask and apply the 3 POWER QUESTIONS for overcoming workplace disengagement!
  • How to understand and harness THE 5 WHY'S to eliminate the biggest roadblocks between you and what you want in your career!
  • How to RE-FRAME YOUR THINKING to improve your attitude and outlook at work!
  • How to identify and engage The 4 F's of HUMAN SURVIVAL to overcome stress and fear!
  • How to STOP BEING A VICTIM of other people's actions and your own negative self talk!

The BREAK THRU SEMINAR will deliver PROFOUND RESULTS that will transform you, and your workplace!   Reserve My Seat


Tuesday October 15th, 2019 8am-5pm

Fred Maytag II Scout Center

6123 Scout Trail, Des Moines, Iowa 50321

Included in the seminar:

Tools and strategies to create your own personal and professional BREAK THRU!

Enrollment in a BREAK THRU networking/20 group

One-on-One individualized follow-up

Continental breakfast, plus lunch catered by G. Mig’s

A custom designed t-shirt

Door prizes

Investment: $149.00 for everything!

Part of the proceeds from Break Thru Seminar will be donated to Forever Home Dog Rescue

Seating is limited. REGISTER NOW!

Break Thru Seminar 2019

Tired of bad management, poor leadership and terrible workplace attitudes, especially your own? BREAK THRU SEMINAR will RE-ADJUST your thinking and RE-IGNITE your passion for your career, and your workplace!

$149.00 Per Ticket

Total: $149.00